Let your factory go digital!

Usitab, the French start up, presents its innovative apps on the Hannover Show from April 1stto 5th, 2019 on in hall 13, booth D28/1.

We aim to bridge the last “5 meters” between the office of the manager and the machine, respectively the machine conductor. Even for machines without computers Usichart can monitor their performance digitally. On a tablet the machine conductor can see the real performance and can categorize any stopper. This information goes into a pareto analysis about the main stoppers which cause the most loss of time.

The production manager can monitor all machine performance on his computer. In form of a dash board the main indicators are visualized – in real time!

So you and your team can react immediately and not only at the end of the month when usually the reports are generated. Actions and their results are visible immediately. You empower your colleagues! Their motivation will increase!

The installation of Usichart is really easy.

One day of installation, 2 days of training and already after some days you will see information which you can use for actions! This is real industry 4.0!

Please visit us on the Hannover show or call us for a presentation!