MC-Line is founded!

Dietrich and Robert Maegerlein found the MC-Line GmbH on March 1st, 2019. The goal is to form a group of label printing companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to serve medium sized and big customers more flexible and efficient.

By integrating the local managers as well as the management experiences by Dietrich and Robert Mägerlein the group shall be more successful that the individual site could be!

In the middle of all consideration are the customers in various industries, using the labels and benefitting from the better and more flexible service!

Maegerlein Consult and the MC-Line Group will work closely together!

Synergytab – all documents digital and always in latest version

Synergytab shall provide all documents, checklists, reports for maintenance or materials etc. on the tablet. Synergies on the tablet.

The documents in the factory shall always be in the latest version. That is not only a requirement by the quality management system, but also necessary to implement consequently changes in processes. Old forms or standards sleep in drawers or classifiers and come up when they are really not needed.

Process analysis easy on the iPad

Standard operating procedures become checklists, checklists or pictures become standard operating procedures. On a picture of a machine you can mark points and comment them with commands. When the machine operators touch on the points, they receive information what to do and in parallel the time of the touch is saved in the background. So you can collect data, how much time each step takes and communicate it to the back office in real time. You can base your decisions in lean management on. No handwritten lists, no time lack and no costs to enter the information in a database.

The installation of Synergytab is really easy. One day of installation, 2 days of training and already after some days you will see information which you can use for actions!

This is real industry 4.0!

Please visit us on the Hannover show from April 1stto 5th, 2019 on in hall 13, booth D28/1 or call us for a presentation!

Let your factory go digital!

Usitab, the French start up, presents its innovative apps on the Hannover Show from April 1stto 5th, 2019 on in hall 13, booth D28/1.

We aim to bridge the last “5 meters” between the office of the manager and the machine, respectively the machine conductor. Even for machines without computers Usichart can monitor their performance digitally. On a tablet the machine conductor can see the real performance and can categorize any stopper. This information goes into a pareto analysis about the main stoppers which cause the most loss of time.

The production manager can monitor all machine performance on his computer. In form of a dash board the main indicators are visualized – in real time!

So you and your team can react immediately and not only at the end of the month when usually the reports are generated. Actions and their results are visible immediately. You empower your colleagues! Their motivation will increase!

The installation of Usichart is really easy.

One day of installation, 2 days of training and already after some days you will see information which you can use for actions! This is real industry 4.0!

Please visit us on the Hannover show or call us for a presentation!

Dietrich Mägerlein – Partner at Mägerlein Consult

From March 1st, 2019 Dietrich Mägerlein is partner and managing director at Maegerlein Consult.

Dietrich Mägerlein was managing director and head of sales. He was managing director at CCL Label Marburg GmbH (formerly Eukerdruck) and at CCL Label PD GmbH (formerly Pharma Druck). Both companies were specialized on pharmaceutical labels, leaflets and booklets. He was head of sales healthcare Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

His focus in consulting will become sales management, product development and innovation.

We are looking forward to working with him!

Industry of the future 4.0: Show in Mulhouse

Together with our Partner Usitab we will exhibit on the show Industry of the future in Mulhouse on November, 20th und 21st. Our booth is  N-17!

Industry 4.0 with existing machines, that works! We show you how to measure and monitor digitally the performance of your machines (also without computers).

Industry 4.0 without great infrastructure, that works! We how you, how you to digitalize the entire work space of the machine conductors within 1-2 days of installation and training. The whole production is always working with the latest information.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

In case you can not come, please do no hesitate to contact us. We come to you! Call us!


Participate in 2 exceptional days dedicated to business, exchanges and innovation!

BE 4.0 is

  • highlighting the operational excellence and creativity of 230 solution providers in France/Switzerland and Germany!
  • encounters with European industrialists and experts of the 4.0 transformation via conferences, round tables and feedback.
  • the presence of Grand Est players who will advise and accompany companies towards their 4.0 transition, the backing of French 4.0 promoters, from Bade-Württemberg and Switzerland!