Lean Management and Six Sigma

To use the methods and tools correctly and consequently to reach company goals ist the real core of lean management. The methods are not new, however the view on challenges and therefore the actions drawn out of it make the difference. While you can check the methods in internet or literature, the key of lean management is to use the right tool in each situation, to motivate the people involved, the fast implementation and the presentation of results. Disciplined and efficient project management are key success factors. Maegerlein Consult supports you in this process – as a sparring partner or as project manager in your company.

Samples of Lean Management:

  • Reduction of instruction which have not been used for longer than 12 months
  • Elimination of handwritten check lists or Excel-sheets which are not used in further steps
  • Elimination or reduction of processes which do not attribute anything tot he value chain of the company and are not required for legal, regulatory or other purpose
  • Analysis of bottle necks in the value chain. Release their workload to increase overall company output.
  • Analysis of non-productive times in order to reduce or avoid them
  • Reduction of set-up times by improved preparation, shortening ways and improving handling

Samples of Six Sigma projects:

  • Usitab: Reduction of filling volume in wine industry by improved gearing of the filling machine. The security margin (to have always the right filling volume or a little bit more) could be reduced. The savings amortised the project costs already in several months.