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At Maegerlein Consult we aim to realize practical results. We avoid long phases of analyses, but quickly find solutions with you and implement. We support you during the implementation as long as you wish.

We have always in mind the whole company, not only the current project. Therefore we can share our experiences with the entrepreneur and the company.

With more than 20 years of experiences as entrepreneur and manager in family owned companies we understand the entrepreneurs and their family as well as the management of the company. We support our customers as consultants or as non-executive managers!

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Generationswechsel Nachfolgeregelung

Generation change and succession in management

The insight and the common understanding of the generation change are only the first steps of a long journey.

Lean management

Lean Management and Six Sigma

The key of lean management is to use the right tool in each situation, to motivate the people involved, the fast implementation and the presentation of results. Disciplined and efficient project management are key success factors.



“In our company everything is different or special!” Nevertheless most companies are more similar than you may think, when processes should be mirrored in a ERP or MIS system.

Fertigung digital

Digitalisation: Strategy and Implementation

The digitalisation is not a goal per se, but a mean to reach company goals!

quality management

Quality management / hygiene management BRC

To prepare a quality manual and corresponding instructions for your certification is relatively easy. The training and implementation with the documentation of all processes is already more time consuming. It is about the evidence that all instructions are in place and obeyed.


Consult: concept and implementation

Maegerlein Consult would like to achieve results! We do analysis, but efficiently and find solutions! We would like to support you in the implementation as long as needed.

MC-Line Logo

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Synergytab – all documents digital and always in latest version

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