ERP/MIS System

“In our company everything is different or special!”

Nevertheless most companies are more similar than you may think, when processes should be mirrored in a ERP or MIS system. In the warehouse there are places. You have palettes or rolls. Incoming and outgoing goods may be booked with different status in order to retrace all stages later.

In the production raw material, semi-finished products, tools are needed at various machines which are run by qualified personal. The following production step usually can start only after the previous step has produced anything or finished the lot. These relations can be presented in a digital planning board. The production sequence can be scheduled easily while reducing set-ups or set up times, idle times etc.

“Druckdialog” by Rubecon as solution for printing and packaging companies

By implementing the druckdialog-system by compu-org companies in printing, packaging or graphical industries can handle orders, materials, plan production and much more. Processes can be improved that even no further paper documents need to cruise in the production.

The electronic document management system (DMS) provides all information such as E-Mails, faxes etc. in the context of the active menu or process.

Maegerlein Consult support you in selecting and implementing the ERP/MIS system. In the same project processes are improved to increase the performance of your company.