Digitalisation: Strategy and Implementation

The digitalisation is not a goal per se, but a mean to reach company goals!

The digitalisation can reduce time and costs to store and retrieve information or documents, can speed up processes and reaction to improve service internally as well as in the customer service. A first step could be the digitalisation in a small area to achieve first results in a short time and cost frame. However the overall concept should always stay in mind to maintain compatibility and avoid breaks or hurdles which may be expansive and time consuming to overcome later.

The production on a tablet

USITAB offers a solution for the production. Relatively easy and without great infrastructure Usitab can replace written instructions or check lists concerning the machine, the working security, quality management etc. The machine personal will have available all information on a tablet or IPad and can enter information concerning maintenance, repairs, set-ups, need of materials, interruptions and/or emergency incidents. The installation and training of Usitab takes only 1-2 days. The information can be retrieved from the ERP- or MIS-database to be provided on the tablet. On the other hand all information entered on the tablet can be feed in the database or exported easily to Excel or other software.

The electronic Document Management System

In the electronic Document management system (DMS) by compu-org all documents are automatically saved, and can be displayed in the context of the customer, the article, the order which is currently active on the screen.