Digitalize your production!

So many written paper at the machine: simply digitalize!

Imagine you are Responsable conductor of a machine. You have manuals, instructions for quality, for work security, for training, maintenance and repairs – all in classifiers around your machine. You keep searching for the right documents and you never know if they are still accurate. They simply take space and time!

Synergytab digitalizes your work space

The efforts of search, upkeeping and training can be eliminated. With Synergytab all information and documents are available on your IPad, available to your colleagues at the machine:

  • The quality manager defines which SOPs etc. are available at which machine – just by defining the right users.
  • The work security manager can provide the instructions of work security or hazard goods to the relevant persons.
  • The production manager can provide the order information, the order planning, supporting documents about material, shift pattern etc. via the back office on the iPad of the machine conductor.

Simple Installation

Synergitab is installed easily and without great preparation. You need a WLAN access-point or a SIM-card in the iPad. You can load all relevant documents in the backoffice, usually within a day. The training of the employees is easy, since everybody is used to smart phones.

With Synergy Tag you can digitalize you production within 1-2 weeks! Your ERP-system can provide the order documents, recipes, check and production instructions on the iPad. If you like, the machine conductor can enter all requests, order information, check lists in the iPad. They are available to all persons in charge and can be reloaded into the ERP-system.

Improvement start!

All requests, check lists, alarms etc. are stored automatically and can be send by email to the person in charge.

The machine conductor can see als documentation of the colleagues in the other shifts. So no double or missing information. You see the maintenance, repairs and other activities which have been done or which may have to be done – all on the iPad.

Usichart for performance monitoring

Synergytab can be combined with Usichart. The performance of the machine is tracked on the iPad. Idle times or stoppers can be categorized – of course, when the machine is running again! The main causes for stoppers are visualized in a Pareto-analysis. The machine conductor starts automatically thinking about way to avoid the main stoppers in the future.

On basis of the analytical data and his experiences improvement start!

  • in short time
  • on the job floor
  • in a team with colleagues

The production manager has the same information on his computer, not only from one machine, but all machines which are equipped with Usichart or Synergytab. He can support the improvement process. Self-initative and responsibility enrich the job in the production and increase motivation!