Partners of Maegerlein Consult

Maegerlein Consult works with partners in different areas. So we can provide the services in the areas that we master.

Cogneus Design

Our partner for design, marketing and homepage has been with us for more than 10 years.



With Rubecon we already worked together at Eukerdruck and Pharma Druck. Rubecon has kept the investment of 1997 always on the current state of the art by continuous further development of its software, so that today’s requirements for a merchandise management system, the order processing incl various calculation options, the eletronic production control center, the MIS and CRM modules are met. The connection to Outlook as well as to the telephone system, the electronic and largely automated document management system, operational data collection with checklists, individualized cockpits for each user for easier overview of their own processes and many more facilitate and accelerate the daily work.




The Media Check workflow system makes it possible to compare PDF files with each other, as well as to compare scanned printed sheets or packaging against the PDF reference. The print image control can be automated on the basis of templates and integration into the pre-press workflow of the respective print shop.



USITAB is a young company from Avignon, France. His apps enable the digitization of production with simple means. Without investing in their own infrastructure, server structures, or connectivity, machine operators receive all instructions digitally, whether it’s machine usage instructions, machine manufacturer manuals, quality instructions, occupational safety instructions, and more.

In addition, the app allows you to control multiple-choice training, define feedback, demand reports, or checklists that can be filled out by operators. Photos, small films can be easily integrated into the messages. The order documents can be called up. Of course, barcodes can also be read.

With a box that is connected to the electrical control of the machine, the machine data can be provided with a time stamp and evaluated in the app. Thus, the performance data of the machine as well as the downtimes and stoppers can be easily evaluated.

After just one day of installation and training, the work on lean management can begin!


The partners are included in the consulting projects, where it seems helpful and useful for the client.

In addition, we regularly exchange information with our partners. Our findings are partly incorporated into the development work of our partners. Improvements are made for the benefit of our mutual customers.